Peacock reflection

peacock reflection at Grounds for Sculp

I took this photo while I was wandering at The Grounds for Sculpture, in Hamilton, NJ.

I wonder… Is the peacock looking into the café?

Or is he only able to see his reflection?

Is his head arched back because he is startled?

If he pecked on the glass door. . . would someone in the café let him in?

I am going to take these wonderings and write out a draft of a story about this peacock. . .  and how possibly his friends are inside the café.

What story does this photo prompt you to write and wonder about?

2 responses to “Peacock reflection”

  1. A great idea for a story!!

  2. Jolene Ballard Gutiérrez Avatar
    Jolene Ballard Gutiérrez

    Seeing him and the way his neck is arched makes me wonder if he’s challenging himself. . .as if he thinks he’s seeing a rival male peacock. And that makes me wonder how many times we stand in our own way and challenge ourselves when we don’t need to. 🙂 I like your more kid-friendly wonderings, Liz. ❤

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