Posted by: lizricewrites | May 18, 2016

Your Characters Are Plotting

Most writers, and many books on the craft of writing, state that writing a story starts with character. Before you have a plot you need to have character because their needs and wants dictate what the story is about.

I’ve found a writing craft book that helps me see the characters and their internal and external conflicts. And it uses movies!!! There are templates to fill in, answer questions, about your characters. I think that while you’re filling out the templates, one for each important character in your novel,. . .those characters are Plotting = showing you the plot!

The book is BREAK INTO FICTION by Mary Buckham and Dianna Love.

Break Into Fiction cover

A GREAT feature is that the answers to templates are filled in after each chapter – based on the characters and plots in these movies. . .


WRITING PROMPT – taken from a character template in the book BREAK INTO FICTION

~~ How are you going to create [show] reader sympathy for the character in the opening of your story? ~~

Until the next time, I’ll be watching those movies and checking the answers.




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