Posted by: lizricewrites | April 22, 2014

Split the Screen & Write Away

How cool is this??!!

In a previous post – CORKBOARD & Save your Visual Inspirations & Ideas [ ]
I showed you how to import a picture or photo from your computer to you project binder.

This week I’ll show you how to use the Split Screen feature to write a scene in the top half of the screen, while you can look at the photo/picture on the bottom half of the screen.

Here’s an example of what I’ve done with a photo I took from the window of a covered bridge.
From here I can create/develop a scene in my novel – about Michael and a specific bridge that may be symbolic of his journey.

Split Screen bridge scene

How to do it:

Open up your project.

Novel Template

Go to the Places folder on the left – under Binder- Click on it.
Then click on the corkboard icon near the top of the screen.

covered bridge window

Select the photo / index card you want to use, to write a scene or to write about an idea for your story.
Click on it.
Then under the blue circle with the letter – i- you will see an icon that looks like a rectangle with a horizontal line through the middle of it.

Shoiwng split 2  photos

You will now see that same photo twice because you just selected Split Screen.
[ if you want to see it split vertically – you can click on the icon of a rectangle with a line down the middle of it = under the blue circle with the – i- in the middle. ]

Click on the bar right above your top photo
Now – to get a document to appear in the top part of the split screen— look on the left at the list of items under the word –Binder-

Click on the small rectangle next to the word – Scene–
[ it’s under the folder marked – Chapter-]

You can double-click the word Scene and label it with a name [ maybe the name of the photo you used to write the scene].
Then you can type a scene, or whatever, while you study the photo on the bottom half of the screen!

Have fun with creating more scenes and ideas using the Split screen feature with other photos and images you’ve saved in the Places section.
** To get back to the regular screen, click the split screen icon [ the rectangle under the blue circle with an – i – in it].

Split Screen lesson

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