Posted by: lizricewrites | April 8, 2014

CORKBOARD & Save your Visual Inspirations and Ideas!

Scrivener Tip Tuesday April 8, 2014

Another reason I *LOVE* the Corkboard feature of Scrivener — You can import pictures, photos, webpages etc. It’s like having your own private Pinterest board that you can take anywhere = don’t need to be where there’s a wi-fi connection because you have the photos and links right in your Scrivener project binder inside your computer 

This time. . . I’m showing you the fun you can have using Scrivener for pre-writing.

Open up Scrivener

Click on File . . . Go to  New Project

Click on Fiction in the Pop-up Box

Then click on Novel [ in blue in the screen shot below]

Then name it and save it where you want it. And click on the Create button.
[ my current project is in the background — yours will be too if you’ve used Scrivener before and have a project saved.]

New Project

Scrivener has saved your project as a folder wherever you selected to save it.
As – name of project.scriv –

You will see a column on the left. Look for the Places folder. Click on it.
Click on the Corkboard icon near the top of your screen.

Now, we’re going to put a photo on the corkboard to use as inspiration – when you write about the setting of your story.

Go to File  Import then move arrow to right and highlight Files

File Import

Browse through your computer files for pictures, or photos you want to use. Select one. Click  Open

You will then see the Import Files pop up [ shown below ] click OK

Import Files

Tah! Dah!

Places example

Have fun using this tip and steps to create a corkboard full of Places. Then do the same for photos of your Characters!

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