Posted by: lizricewrites | April 1, 2014

Scrivener Tip Tuesday

Scrivener Tip Tuesday April 1, 2014

I LOVE using Scrivener for all writing-related tasks. I use it to keep track of where I’ve sent my manuscripts, and where I want to send them. I used it for a chapter book that’s out for a critique.

So now, as part of my journey with my current novel, TS, I’ll take you along with Scrivener Tip Tuesdays.

What’s Scrivener? It’s like an assistant who takes what you’ve written & formats it = from word processor into a loose-leaf binder, index card collector, corkboard and outliner tool all in one place in your computer. And it is SO much more than that!

There’s a version for Windows and one for Mac. Literature & Latte started creating Scrivener for the Mac – so those tools are slightly ahead of what’s available for Windows.

Have you heard of Scrivener?

Do you use Scrivener?

Did you try it once then thought it looked too complicated or would take too much available time away from your project to learn to use it?
I thought so at first – after I spent a few hours watching You Tube videos about it before I bought it.

Since I bought it — I LOVE using it – it makes writing and researching fun and I love that it keeps everything in one place. And I like playing with the features and learning to use other features as I need them.

[There’s a free 30-use trial you can download—It has everything in it. Otherwise it’s about $40 ]

My tip today – Get Scrivener!

If you have Scrivener and have any questions about how to use it or how to use the tip I have on Tuesdays. .. just post a comment and I’ll answer it.

Below is a screenshot of the Clipboard [Which is my favorite feature! ]– The title of my project here is This Writer’s Journey
[ This is how it looks if you have the Windows version ]

Below that is a screenshot of what that information looks like when I click on the Outliner button [to the right of the little icon for Clipboard near top of page which looks like a clipboard ]

After I clicked Outliner, I then went to File –> Print Preview which turned the info on all the index cards into an outline!

Then I can go to File –> Print Current Document and print out a copy of the outline.

[Click the image to see a larger version of it]

Scrn of Scriv 4 Blog 1

First Tip

Enjoy the process!


  1. I love Scrivener! I write my manuscripts in scene chunks and Scrivener makes it so easy to do that. I probably only use 5% of it’s capabilities. I need to mess around with it some more. But I will never draft a novel in MS Word again.

    • I know what you mean! When I go back to just using Word – it seems so . . . one dimensional 😉

      What are some of your favorite features of Scrivener? Have you tried the Split Screen?

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