Posted by: lizricewrites | March 30, 2014

Bridges. . . for me and my characters

I’ve been thinking about bridges, since I saw a photo show up in the sidebar of my Facebook page. It was a photo of a covered bridge in St. Martin’s, Canada. I went there last summer on a trip with my Mom and ‘Aunt’ Joan. Here are two photos I took.

The first one, taken through a ‘window’ in the bridge, shows low tide.

When I saw the covered bridge photos I thought about my main character = Michael, in the middle grade novel I’m working on. I wondered what he would think if he ever saw a covered bridge. Then I wondered if he would be afraid to walk through it. And I realized that in many ways, for Michael and the novel – that bridge [and bridges in general] is a metaphor for his journey. He has to go through the dark parts of the bridge to get to ‘the other side’.

I was afraid to go on bridges when I was young. I was afraid they would collapse. My mother had a trick that worked– when we went over a bridge near our home in Bogota, NJ, we’d cheer “Yay Hackensack River!” and by the time we finished the cheer … we were over the bridge and on the other side.

It didn’t work for going over the George Washington Bridge, even after cheering about the Hudson River, there was still more bridge. I usually closed my eyes and held my breath until we arrived on the other side.
Thankfully I got over the fear, after many times of crossing rivers on bridges.

Experience showed me that I’d get to the other side safely.

And that’s one of the reasons for the bridge in the header of my website. That, and because it’s a beautiful area at Grounds for Sculpture

So, now for Michael, I will look into where he can gain experiences in crossing over on his ‘bridges,’ as he journeys in his story.

Enjoy your writing process!


  1. I once walked on one of those real swinging bridges…. Left and impression, I tell you.

    Welcome to your blog, and may the journey be filled with many interesting sights. May you and your characters cross many bridges, too.

    • I bet that swinging bridge was scary!
      Thanks for the welcome πŸ™‚

  2. Great story behind why you chose that beautiful header photo. Happy blogging!

  3. Beautiful blog, Liz. Looking forward to reading more of it.

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